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Is Tech Taking Too Much of Your Attention?

Your technology needs are complex. Your team needs to be able to collaborate from anywhere and your data needs to be easily retrievable whenever you need it. And it's got to meet strict security and compliance requirements.

But you're not a tech expert. How do you know what you really need and what's just fluff? And who can you call when something goes wrong? It's galling to calculate how much time and money you might need trying to use technology supposed to make your life easier. There has to be a better way.

You Don't Need to Be a Tech Expert

We work in the background so you can focus on your top priorities

Technology isn't your specialty, nor should it be. Yet it can feel like every day brings a new headache that requires your time, attention, and budget.

Skycog Security & Compliance services can help. We ensure you have Microsoft solutions that support your needs so that your day will never be derailed by technical failures again. We prioritize cost- and time-efficient fixes that help you get back to more important things.

We offer both:

Professional Consulting Services.

We can recommend the Microsoft solutions most suited to your organization, then help with migration and implementation.

Managed Services

By engaging us on a monthly basis for implementation and support, you ensure that you never have to stress about tech again.

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Microsoft Azure

Custom Hosting, Virtual Servers, Internal Hardware

Need hosting beyond what most web farms offer? That's where we come in. We can customize a setup, configure security, and develop support plans to meet your needs. You'll never come-up sort or pay for more than you need.

Microsoft Azure

Virtual Network & Security

Your team's ability to work seamlessly from anywhere can become the defining feature of a successful organization.

We can work with you from concept to construction through full management. We support a virtual network with security profiles for your entire organization using Microsoft Azure services.

Microsoft Azure

Internet Hosting

In the dynamic culture of eBusiness, your website must be a fluid channel between you and your market. It must be fresh, secure, and a pleasure for users to interact with.

Skycog makes eBusiness simple and accessible. Our array of hosing options are customized to accommodate your business concept within creative solutions that do away with bulk.

Office 365

Online, Collaborative Office Suite

Office 365 enables your team to work together in harmony by bringing all your Microsoft Apps, cloud sharing, device sharing and security together.

We can help with migration, customization, and support as you shift your company to the highly collaborative Office 365 environment.

Online, Collaborative Office Suite

Your industry has strict compliance requirements, and for good reason. Protecting your users and their sensitive information is a matter of not betraying the trust they place in you. It's critical that your system is impervious to attack, and we can help make that happen. We'll create the security measures that make the most sense for you, and ensure your system is regularly updated to protect you from new vulnerabilities.

We Put the Best Minds to the Task

In-house technical expertise is big investment, and for smaller organizations, that often means relying on one person knowing everything. It's simply unrealistic and ineffective.

Skycog's Security & Compliance services ensure you benefit from the skills and expertise of our entire team. We can help you find solutions that make the most sense for your team, and support you throughout the process.

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